Suggest a "PAUSE ALL POLLING" button on main page

Silicon Desert 6 years ago updated by Zippy114 6 years ago 1

I know there is a "Logging Enabled" checkbox in the settings, but it is a binary on/off feature.  What I am asking here is that for occasional testing purposes and hiding locations or other data, to have a quick ability to temporally stop ALL polling of any kind to the car, without having to go back in later to turn it on in case we forget.

example might be "Pause polling for 1 hour" and "Pause polling for today".

While at it.  I suggest some additional description under the settings checkbox for "logging enabled".  It is not totally clear if turning on/off that checkbox applies to all polling of any type, or just the capturing of data.   In other words, if unchecked, does TeslaFi still poll the car to see its status without waking up?

Really nice work here folks.

Love the idea to "Pause polling" for a relative time period - or until an absolute time.