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Feature request: Add an alert (push/text/email option) toggle for any time a tire pressure drops below a variable that I set

TexARC 2 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 1

Picked up a slow leak on a tire on a Saturday, when I parked Tessie in garage & put on charger no low pressure warning icon on screen, but over Sunday tire went completely flat - I didn't use car on Sunday, so I came out Monday morning to commute 40 miles to to work and only then found tire was completely flat. If I had gotten an alert via TeslaFi on say, Saturday night or Sunday morning I could have taken care of it/adjusted plans on Sunday to avoid stress and being late to work.

Already Completed

This is already in settings->account->notifications but it wouldn't have helped your situation as the Tesla API only reports tire pressure reading while the car is in motion.