Different Home charge Costs at Different times of day

JkCookieUK 6 years ago updated by James 4 years ago 5

In The UK we have Economy 7 which provides a grid balancing lower cost per Kwh between 12:00 and 06:00.To report reasonable Estimates of Charging Costs it is important that we can add this parameter in Sterling £0.xx / KWh during user defined hours, please? 

Same here, I pay 5p 12:30pm-4:30am but 15p otherwise, I wish TeslaFi could take into account these two rates.

The EV-A rate plans for PG&E in California is what every Bay Area owner with home charging is now on. It's a bummer TeslFi can't calculate actual costs for any time-of-day usages rate plans:


Weekend: 3-7p peak, off peak all other times

Weekday: 2-9p peak, 11p-7a off-peak, basic rate all other times

I have to hand tabulate this info in order to back-refund my sublease tenants against our shared bill and it's a meticulous pain in the royal behind. For some reason I thought TesliFi had this but I see it doesn't now that I've signed up for the year. 

Similar issue at the Chargepoint at work where there is a per-session cost of $0.50 in addition to the location-based rate, but I don't have to track this info so it accumulates as a ghost error untracked, making the cost reported by TeslaFi lower than reality. 

I'm surprised everyone isn't complaining about at least the time-of-day rate problem. Perhaps most veiw TeslaFi as just a novelty ?

SDG&E in San Diego, CA now has vastly different rates on their TOU5 plan.  $0.09/kwhr at night, and $0.54/kwhr during the peak, (and $0.19-0.25 at other times).  Therefore, the cost difference between various times is quite significant, and TOU schedules would be very valuable.

Hello - TX based user here with a similar situation. Switching to energy plan which gives "free" energy from 9pm to 6am. Otherwise is ~$0.14kw + distribution costs.

Would like to be able to specify home charging rates based upon time of day to accurately record costs.