Manually add a tagged location that is not a previously visited location

kcdk99 6 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 2

Currently, you can only tag a location from a previously visited address, per my use experience and the topic here

I would like to be able to add a location before I visit it, so I can set my sleep behaviors prior to arrival. I often don't have time or forget when I arrive and consequently get an unwanted behavior. 

Right now I have to go back to a location that I haven't tagged and use that to tag a location that I haven't visited, but that often requires lots of panning and zooming in/out on the map. 

It would be nice to have a button on the tagged location page that opens up a window where you can search for an address and then add the location. I think this could be accomplished fairly simply by adding a map search field to the add tagged location page.



This has been added in Drives->Tag A Location


This is particularly important for things like Airport Parking, where I want to make sure my car can Deep Sleep.