Group locations together

alihamze 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

We should be able to have nested locations as well as location groups (a group could just be a location entry without coordinates/radius). I understand there might have to be a limit on nesting levels depending on how the queries work and how locations are implemented.

The groups aren’t as important because we can work around it by having the parent item be one of the locations but it’d be really nice to have.

For example, let’s say I wanted to group together the locations for a specific client. If we had groups, I could make a group for the client and then within that group create the locations for them. Then in the reports I could search by either the group or a specific location. Searching by a group would act as if I had selected all the locations within that group.

It would be nice to have multiple nesting levels too, for example:

- Work

  - Client A

    - Location 1A

    - Location 2A

  - Client B

    - Location 1B

    - Location 2B

- Food

  - Fast Food

    - Subway

      - First St, Buffalo NY

      - Main St, Buffalo NY

I could then search for my drives to Work, to Client A, to Location 1A, to get Food, to get Fast Food, to Subway or to a specific Subway location depending on what exactly I wanted to see

I shouldn’t have said groups aren’t as important. I just meant to say that if we could get the easier thing out first by leveraging the existing locations feature it’d be fine for now. It’s a lot more limiting than groups but it’d be a big step up from what we have now