Total high-rate charging

StefanSarzio 7 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 12

I would like a statistic for the amount of high-rate charging. I guess > 22 kW would be a good definition of 'high-rate'.

I would like to see kWh, number of charges, time of charging.

If there are any other issues please open up a support ticket so it doesn't get missed.


How are the savings for DC charging calculated? I've got only about 100€ savings and 3€ cost for about 9000 kWn.

But 3000€ savings for a little more kWh in AC.

I think it should be calculated the same way for AC and DC. A free kWh is a free kWh.


That should be fixed now.

What a fantastic and useful report — just what I needed!

Great, thank you so much! 👍

How does it look now?

Could you do "Supercharging Totals" and "Remaining/Other DC Totals" in two distinct tables? And add the count for the unique Superchargers while you're at it? (see https://support.teslafi.com/communities/1/topics/2472-new-leaderboard-list-superchargers-visited)

Also I think it would be good to rename the first table to "AC Charging Totals".

I rebuild my tables, but the sum at the bottom of the page is not the sum of the two sums below the two tables as far as the savings are concerned. kWh seems to be correct.


I rolled the chademo charges into the supercharger totals at https://www.teslafi.com/charges.php.  You may need to reset your charge records at the bottom of of the page in order for them to show up correctly if you haven't done so in the past few days.

The titles of the two tables should change.

AC Charges / DC Charges

Standard Charges / High Rate Charges

Any preferences or other ideas on the titles?

Maybe it could also integrate some Supercharger Statistics. So we could see where we really could fastest charge or which charger make some Problems?



I think it would be a good idea to break out all DC Fast charging. The API differentiates between Supercharger and CHAdeMO types of charging, which are the only types of DC charging available today for Tesla. Although Supercharging is already listed out separately, it would be good to include a breakout for CHAdeMO, or roll it up into the Supercharging table.  


This is particularly interesting and pertinent given Tesla's recent disclosure that it limits charge rate for cars that have gone through a large number of high-speed charges, to protect battery chemistry -- see this article: https://electrek.co/2017/05/07/tesla-limits-supercharging-speed-number-charges/