Trip Playback, being able to click on a part of the map of graph and see info

Icepicknz 6 years ago updated by James 1 year ago 4

If clicking on the graph of a trip, say when i was going 100Km/h, it shows a marker on the map so i can see the timeline of the trip, or where speeding occurred or where battery usage was high etc. Or if clicking on a portion of the map before a huge mountain range, i can see in the graphs where that relates to

I see this has now been implemented - love it!

Yes - dragging the wiper in the drive chart area and having the position on the map indicated would be great. Garmin has this feature in their tracking app and it's useful/interesting.

Something like this:

This would be very useful/interesting also to see where there are no cell signals during a drive or determine other anomalous data.