Public share a trip

Icepicknz 6 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 4

Ability to go to a trip and generate a publicly available link to share your trip with others


There is now a share button next to each saved road trip:

Doesn't anyone else see the value of this feature not just to TeslaFi's own benefit but for that of all users? Currently I have to fight to get a decent looking PDF because side panels cover horizontal panels and the page breaks don't happen properly and it just loos bad... 

Sharing a trip will increase TeslaFi visibility and bring new users. Please implement, either as a URL (preferred), and/or a proper print formatter to generate clean professional looking pages.


Did we get anywhere with this? I just did a 4,800 road trip seeing many family members. This would be a great way to show family how the trip went. This would also work to show multiple drives or days if you wanted to share as well. We need this feature!

I'd like to share trips to show off the value of TeslaFi. Similarly, I would like to share my battery degradation report too. These are reports that will convince others to subscribe to TeslaFi.