scheduled preconditioning

NullException 7 years ago updated by Simone100D 7 years ago 6

The smart preconditioning feature in the car has never worked for me, so I precondition the car in the morning via the app.

Add a feature to TeslaFi that allows a weekly preconditioning schedule to be set up.

Either each day of the week separately, or a weekday/weekend split.

Thanks, James! I played around with it myself and added 2 commands, just like you said, and it's working great. This is a wonderful feature addition!

If I do a scheduled Start HVAC command it set's it to LO. I presume this is because the setting is 0?

The start HVAC command does not use a input setting.  Only the set temperature uses a input.  There was a issue where I wasn't setting the driver and passenger temp to the desired temp which was setting the passenger temp to LO.  

Is the set temp still being set to LO when you run the start HVAC command?

This is a wonderful addition! Quick question since it hasn't been totally clear to me while testing over the last couple of days regrading the "scheduled preconditioning:"

Is it necessary to add 2 "scheduled tasks" in order to get the car temperature to change if it's been idle or even sleeping for a while? In other words, if I want the car to start to warm to 80* F in the morning at 8:00AM, do I need to enter both a "Start HVAC" command (let's say at 7:59AM) and then a "Set HVAC Temperature" (let's say at 8:00AM) command, or do I only need a "Set HVAC Temperature" command, which has an implicit "Start HVAC" built-in?

Thanks for adding this! The factory "Smart Preconditioning" was as dumb as my Nest thermostat in learning a schedule.

Hi.  Thanks.

Yes, you would issue two commands.  They can be sent at the same time.  It will run them one by one.


This has been completed and can be found in the schedules beta located at the bottom of the website.