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New tire pressure function Bar not sticking

BiancaNZ 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

I am trying to switch my TeslaFi to show me Bar not PSI. And it works when I switch it in setting but then flicks back to PSI as soon as I go to the next screen. Anyone have this issue? (on Firefox)



Under review

If your account is set to Kilometers it should default to Bar.  Is there a certain area you are seeing things in PSI?


My account is set to km and Bar but everywhere in the UI the pressure appears in PSI. Also as you can see below oddly the pressure is shown within the confines of the car not on the outside.



Those reading are in Bar.  PSI would be 14.5x the figures you are seeing.

The What OS/Browser are you using so I can try to duplicate the location of the numbers?


Ah cr*p. My bad. But there is still a minor issue that actually then caused my confusion. On the screen above if you select Bar and click save it shows you PSI on the car but will show PSI if you navigate somewhere else. Analog for PSI + Save will show you Bar but then PSI if you navigate away.

Cheers oliver