Speed Efficiency to 130 km/h

Gyrolion 2 years ago updated by mhj 10 months ago 5

Right now the legal speed in The Netherlands at the motorway is up to 130 km/hr. 
Now the Speed Efficiency graph only goes to 110 km/hr, so I'm missing a bit of the graph. 

Can you make the graph editable so we can change it to 130 km/hr instead of 110 km/hr. 

So true. In DK the speedlimit is also 130km/t and in Germany there is no limit on many highways.
A good question is therefor why the graph is limited by TeslaFi rather than the statistics of the vehicle. As mentioned earlier the efficiency becomes very interesting, when the car is challenged. This will be more visible for speeds above 110km/t.

So, keep the 5km/t intervals, but please remove the hard coded limit and base the speed efficiency on the statistics of the car.


Same here. Did 200+ on the autobahn yesterday, but the data only goes to 100 km/h. Especially above this speed, it's interesting to see the impact of air resistance.


same here (I only see to 100 km/h)


I'd like to see it increased as well. 


Which leads to an interesting question: what is the maximum speed for Tesla FSD?  Must be limited by camera range and processor speed.  Can it stop for a deer at 130 km/hr?