Speed Efficiency to 130 km/h

Gyrolion 2 years ago updated by McTrex 11 months ago 4

Right now the legal speed in The Netherlands at the motorway is up to 130 km/hr. 
Now the Speed Efficiency graph only goes to 110 km/hr, so I'm missing a bit of the graph. 

Can you make the graph editable so we can change it to 130 km/hr instead of 110 km/hr. 


Same here. Did 200+ on the autobahn yesterday, but the data only goes to 100 km/h. Especially above this speed, it's interesting to see the impact of air resistance.


same here (I only see to 100 km/h)


I'd like to see it increased as well. 


Which leads to an interesting question: what is the maximum speed for Tesla FSD?  Must be limited by camera range and processor speed.  Can it stop for a deer at 130 km/hr?