Notification when Firmware Update overdue

BattMobile 6 years ago 0

My car stopped getting updates, it went in for service 2 months later and they pushed an update then which caused me not to have noticed the missing ones, and then a couple of months later I noticed that major update not received so sent a Support Request and got update the next day.

On Forums it seems that if update fails multiple times Tesla makes no follow up, and it is therefore up to the user to notify Tesla ...

... therefore it would be helpful to get Notice if my car (Model / Hardware) has not received a firmware update which has had widespread distribution.

Currently I get an Email "New firmware release detected for Model XXX with Hardware YYY" but this is increasingly less helpful as more models / hardware, and also I only want to chase Tesla if the update has had widespread release [i.e. for my Model / Hardware] (and its been, say, a week and I don't yet have it) and, ideally