Unlock Notification

Teddy 6 years ago updated by Silicon Desert 6 years ago 5

Would it be possible to add functionality to allow an email or push notification  to be sent when the car’s status changes from locked to unlocked when parked?

Thanks Teddy, that is a great example.  Now I understand.

Hi FlyF4, in the U.K. there has been a recent spate of thefts of Tesla vehicles. It seems to be from people’s driveways and seems to have resulted from the choice to leave passive entry enabled and then leaving their key fobs close enough to the house front door for a relay attack to be successful, whereby two perps with an antenna each catch and relay the key fob’s signal to the car, allowing it to unlock and then to be “started” and driven away. Soon after the car is on a car transporter or in the back of a truck and gone. So my request was a push notification or email sent to the owner when the status changes from locked to unlocked. In the same way that a notification is made if the car is not plugged in at a certain time etc. This notification might give the owners the chance of reacting to an unlocking event that they otherwise would not know about until they next went to drive their car. Arguably it would be better to just disable passive entry but not all owners want to do that. 

Just out of curiosity, can you explain a scenario where this feature helps?  By thinking about it quickly, the only way I know that the car is going to unlock is if you do it with a fob (s&x) or with an app on a smart device..... in which case you know you are doing it.  Most apps I have seen such as the Tesla app will provide feedback if the car is locked or not.

Hi James, very many thanks. I think this could prove very lucrative for you as there is great concern especially in UK over recent car thefts. Usually done by key signal repeater tech. So if people were notified as soon as their car was unlocked they might feel more secure. Please keep me informed if that is possible. Regards Simon. 


It would be possible.  I'll convert this into a feature request.