Using the API to detect if the car is in a scheduled pre-heating mode.

TomLeitner 2 years ago 0


I'd like to implement the following scenario: My car is usually connected at home to my charger. Normally the charger is turned off, however, and only turned on for charging when the energy prices are cheap (yes, I have such a contract).

Now I want to detect, via the TeslaFI API when the car is conducting a scheduled heating of the passenger cabin and battery. In this case I'd like to turn on the charger to avoid that the battery is used for that.

So my question: how do I detect this from the TeslaFI API? I saw variables like "battery_heater" or "is_climate_on" but they doe not seem to be suitable for that. Battery_heater is not always on in the scenario I describe and "is_climate_on" is only on when the HVAC is turned on manually but not automatically in scheduled mode.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks // Tom