Custom Home Charge Pricing Feature request

stevefs 2 years ago updated by John R. Covert 2 years ago 1

Love your site.

For custom home charge pricing it would be great to have custom prices based on date ranges, year, month, day. My utility changes prices based on time of year, so the calculation, recalculation becomes time-consuming and will only increase as the number of records increases. This is also required because over time rate increase. What do you think?

I got the following reply from James two years ago on this feature request:


Sorry for the delay. Currently you can't enter a date range to apply
rates but at the bottom of settings->home charging when you select
'set' it will 'lock' the current pricing scheme to charges. Then when
your rates change you would change the rates and then 'set' them again
which would only apply the pricing to home charges that had not been set
or locked in previously.


That's only a partial solution. My electric rates just jumped from about 25 cents/kWh to about 34 cents/kWh.

I had locked in all of my previous home charges with the old rate as suggested.  I had not previously bothered to update the default home rate from the 23 cents/kWh entered when I first bought the car.

However, the result is that the "Charge Savings" data is now completely bogus.  Consider one location where I used to charge frequently, because it had been free, but then changed to a rate more expensive than at home.  I had used 1,936.06.25 kWh at that location while it was free, not including the final time I was there and was charged $10.16 for 35.19kWh.  My default had been set to 23 cents per kWh, and the "charge savings" had been calculated as $445.29 based on that.  I really did save that amount, approximately, between September 2020 and March 2022. I stopped when they started charging more than my home electric rate.

I have now set my default rate to the amount from my most recent bill, 34.08 cents/kWh.  Since there is no table of historical home electric rate values, TeslaFi now shows my charge savings at that location to have been $659.88, a completely erroneous fictitious number not grounded in reality.

There's another amusing case, and I'm not really requesting a feature to handle it, but the case is still amusing. There's a supercharger near me, which I've only had the opportunity to use once.  At the time I used it, its rate was $5.28 for the 25.03 kWh I used, or 21 cents per kWh.  I actually had a charge savings of about a dollar based on my home rate at the time.

In any case, the way I'd like the home charging enhancement to work would be to implement a table.  It would be phased in as follows: if it's empty, then there's an "invisible" dummy entry with a start date equal to the account creation, or the oldest record (if it ever becomes possible to enter data for prior to account creation).

Table entries merely have a start date (no time) and a price.  They are automatically sorted by date, and any entry applies from its start date until a newer entry is added. Its value is used for any unset home charge, and also is used to compute charge savings for free charges.

Until this is available, all of the older "charge savings" data displayed by TeslaFi is "garbage in, garbage out".