"Supercharging savings" calculation should use Supercharging cost/kwh - not home charging cost/kwh

gino verhulst 2 years ago updated by bakermd 2 years ago 1

In the Charge summary - when you have free supercharging with your car -  "Supercharging savings" is currently calculated using the price you have set in  "Home charging cost/kwh".

It would be better if the Supercharging savings would be calculated on the basis of the Supercharging price/kwh, since this is my actual saving at the supercharger while being on the road. There is no relation wiht the Home charging cost/kwh.

So, as a consequence, my current supercharging savings are substantially undervalued, since the price/kwh is surely higher at the Supercharger than at home.

In my opinion - this should be changed.  

For users like myself that have free supercharging for life, it would be very nice to have the supercharger savings calculated based on Tesla rates, not home rates.