Drive External Temperature Question

SlothCroissant 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hey there Teslafi team,

Quick ask on Drive temperatures (specifically where it concerns Temperature Efficiency numbers) - Is the temp recorded at the start of a drive, the average of the entire drive, or something else?

Reason I ask - I live in the upper midwest. The external temp for the past few weeks has been below zero (sometimes very much so). But my garage is heated and sits around 40F-45F. Curious how the temp is recorded, and if that could be optimized (take the median value instead of mean, etc).

Reason I ask is that sometimes I see that my "outbound" drive from home has a significantly higher external temp than subsequent drives that start away from home in an unheated location.


I'm in a similar situation but was looking at it from the battery charge perspective (the graph is comparing me to other people charging at 45F instead of other people driving in our frigid weather).

I don't know for sure how the drive temperature is collected - I believe it's an average over the drive though.  I have noticed that it takes the car a while to cool down to outside temperatures though.  It still reads 15F outside temperature after 10-15 minutes of driving in 0F weather.  Since that's the data TeslaFi gets, it'll skew any averaging a bit.

I've also noticed that the car itself either takes a while to cool off, or it just doesn't update the temperature reading very frequently (and by that, I mean *maybe* within 15-30 minutes from when the drive starts).

If this is the data that Tesla provides via the API, then there's not a ton that can be done I suppose. I'm going to provide feedback to Tesla on this as well, since I would like to see the external temp in the cabin, and it's usually wildly inaccurate due to the heated garage.