Real drive cost (based on real charge summary) - now it's "fake cost"

RadekM 2 years ago updated by Remeuh2 1 year ago 4

Hi, as far as I've noticed "drive cost" does not relay on real charge cost, but it just uses some flat rate (home charging?) which is nothing close to real drive cost... I do know that showing real drive cost is not that simple as multiplying kilometers by medium usage & cost for every ride - but it can be easier to allow it to recalculate on "roadtrips" when we do know how many km were driven and how much money was spent on charges.

What system is showing right now is really not good, in my example please see table on the right:

- 1206,93km driven, 

- total cost - 206,94PLN

app displays PLN/100km: 17,15PLN

Real cos is really different, when we do add real cost:

- supercharging cost 213,9 

- other public charging - 192,66

- home 18,47 

total: 425,03PLN 

distance: 1206,93km

REAL COST: 35,22 PLN/100km

As far as I've read in other descriptions - it is calculated "driven km" multiplied by kWh cost in home charging time, but it is not real callculation. It is not real at all. Can you please change that it is calculated more accurate way? My proposal:


- add all charging cost within "road trip" time

- divide by all km driven (not energy used, especially in winter time there is a lot of energy used to heat battery / cabin)

TOTAL's / calendar:

- add new variable "approx charging cost" which could be all charging costs divided by driven km,

this way it should display more accurate calculations without big data calculations

I do realise that calculating "live" usage when charging cos is not costant within 100kkm is a big math task and requires some hardware to calculate it "on the flight" but maybe some premium extra paid option would allow me not to recalculate by hand every time when my wife asks "what is real cost of your car" :) That's something I'd pay extra :)

Right now values displayed on the right - are false (not true), since it can be done really easily as simple add/divide on example of a roadtrip (it can be even calculated on browser side) and displayed correctly  - please consider fixing that...

Image 3578


Drive cost could be calculated based on the last charge cost.

I agree - this would be a very very nice update.

Just got back from my trip to Holland/Belgien a roadtrip for 4 500 km. It would really be nice to get a "real" cost (or so close you can get" for a trip like this. 

What I do know is to add my charging cost and say that this is the cost for my journey.

Hope to see this in the future


Hey, once again I did new "road trip" which displays "total cost" out of nowwhere...

Basic asumptions:

- when we create roadtrip it would be nice to use roadrip data only, no other data is neded

- for acurate calculation it will be enaugh to start 100% battery - finish on 100% battery,

this is the easiest way for really calculate trips

Please just do the simple math calculation,

when we do the trip and configure charging cost with real value - recalculate "Total cost" as a sum of all charging costs included in that trip... that's pretty basic math operation, your app shows that my total trip cost is 95,55pln,

but real is 231,44pln - that's huge difference it makes - and still noone from support replied how this is calculated...

That's how it looks now:


This would be extremely nice update! I just finished the first leg of my roadtrip for the summer. 3200km and summary shows 167€ cost for this roadtrip. The total cost is more than 290€ including all charges (and top up charge when arrived to this location). Hopefully this will be updated soon according to what RadekM suggested!