FEATURE Request: Plug-in Reminder When at home, any battery level

seigel 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

I was wondering if I missed this feature, but I believe I would find value in a reminder being sent when arriving at a specific location and 15 minutes passes and I have not plugged in the car, regardless of charge level. 

Specific use case.  I arrive home to the garage and I always WANT to plug in my car but sometimes kids or groceries distract me and I forget.  I would love to get a text/email/notification when I forget.

Thank you.


Interesting.  Let me know if you find anything!

Yes, that works.

Controls, Schedules & Reminders
Plug-in Reminder when (for me) battery is under 85%

Location Home
Daily at 7pm

Cool.  I set that up.  

I guess I was thinking more about the "The car has been unlocked for 15minutes" type of thing.  I don't want to check at a certain time.  I just want to know if: a) I am at home, b) X time has elapsed, c) my car is not plugged in.  If these conditions hold...sent me a quick note, saying...hey silly..you may have forgotten to plug me in :D

I am going to try to use the TeslaFi Schedules and see if that works.