Heated steering wheel and seats

ngoulet6@videotron ca 2 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 2


I really like the possibility of scheduling max defrost on/off. 

Is there a way I can schedule the activation/deactivation of only the heated steering wheel and seats?

What I would like to do is activate/deactivate the max defrost from 7:00 to 7:10 and then only have the heated wheel and seats from 7:11 to 7:20. That way, if ever I forgot to cancel a planned schedule, I would only be at bat for 20 minutes of battery drain.

My understanding is that the climate preset asks for a temperature to be set. Consequently, if the max defrost has the temperature of the car up to 28C and that the subsequent climate preset is at 21C with heated wheel/seats, it will now work to cool the car down which I found counter productive. After a 10 minutes max defrost, I would like to leave winter do its thing but have the heated wheel/seats on for another 10 minutes. If the car gets used, we can manually take it from there, if it isn’t everything would be closed down after 20 minutes.

thanks and sorry for the long question