Software Update Q

TeslafiBrian 2 years ago updated by Lee Sweet 2 years ago 3

Just wondering - I was struggling with the issue of not getting updates since Sept. Eventually I decided to be patient and let it happen when it happens. Along the way my wife's phone/key was acting up so I rebooted the car using the two roller wheels. Restored the functionality to her phone. As an unexpected benefit, the next day I received notice that an updated software was available to install! Cool. Not updated to the latest software, but at least it was something.

Went into Teslafi "Your Software Updates" page and noticed something strange. Teslafi indicated that it had been 31 days between discovery and installation! There was no indication anywhere (app, car, teslafi) that there was new software waiting to be installed during this period of time.

So I'm just wondering where the "31 days" information came from? Did the reboot clear up some logjam? Should I be rebooting on a regular basis?

BTW,  this is all driven by the addition of "waypoints" in the latest software release, I can't wait for that to be available.

thanks - love teslafi. I think I'm due for my annual renewal. Will that be handled automatically?

No, if you are on the list for that update, you will get it as soon as you are supposed to.  The reboot just connected you properly to the mothership where you were not connected before.  So, now it will send it to you when your number comes up.

The first date is the first time any TeslaFi car had the software.  Your issue was probably a bad Wifi/VPN connection.  Seeing how far from the first date on TeslaFi you normally get software is a somewhat good indicator (other things count also) of when you should get the next one.  So, if you are way off, a reboot will reset the Wifi and VPN.  It will NOT trigger a download if you are not on the list already as being 'due' it.  :)

If I understand your answer, the 31 days is referring to the "fleet", not my particular vehicle. OK, thanks.

I did have issues with the wifi connection to the location that I have since resolved. I guess the MY does not revisit the issue once a problem is discovered. Kinda like the audio, when it cell connection drops out, it rarely starts up on it's own when cell coverage is restored. (Happens a lot in my area)