Auto tag past drives between two destinations

consolaus 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 3


The new auto tag functionality is brilliant, but it's a pity it can't be used retroactively. What about implementing it?

Thanks a lot.


There is now an option in the Drive Search page to tag the entire searched found set with one click.

Please let me know if anyone runs into any problems.




This would be really helpful for me too.  The auto tag drive filters could be adjusted and applied in the past.  I guess the ideal would be to be able to select drives between to dates to apply the filters to but just having the ability to do it on a given date would be perfect.


I use TeslaFi for logging business use versus private use for tax purposes.  So the tagging feature is of real value to me.  I love that auto tagging has been implemented.  But I have to go back through 6 months of drives and tag each one individually.

Also, sometimes my drive from work to home is broken up if I stop at the shops on the way home.  Auto tagging would only capture the trip from work to the shop, not from the shop to home even though this is part of the trip home from work.  So would it be possible to list all 'untagged' trips?