Sleep Pattern Odd

TeslafiBrian 3 years ago updated by mike@ashton-moore com 3 years ago 4

Anyone experiencing short sleep patterns today? (After the server outage on Nov 19, 2021)

My MY (Vin 048xxx) 2021.32.22 has started sleeping for about 2 minutes, wakes up, then goes back to sleep for 2~ min, then wakes up, back to sleep, etc. etc. etc.

Image 3390

I rebooted my car but not sure it fixed it

same here, both cars!

Mine started 'going to sleep' ten times in a row before last night.  Maybe for a week now.....


A reboot of the car solves the issue. Just the steering wheel roller reboot. Did that this eve (a solution offered at another board) and the car seems to be sleeping normally. And it seems to have cleared up my software logjam to boot!