Add "X" filter to leaderboard

mkolowich 7 years ago updated by scottf200 6 years ago 3

There is currently a filter next to each battery capacity level to show only Model S drives. Now that there are so many Model X's in the fleet, it makes sense to have a Model X filter as well, so apples are compared to apples

I would have opened this as a 'problem' but still new to this area of the site. Let me know if you want me to try to do that.

Great job on making that an option. I was looking at X 100D  longest drive data as I just got a X 100D.  The second entry in the results has a time that is very odd. I don't think someone drove an x 254.475 miles in 0 Hrs 4 Mins using 64.8 kWh and especially since it says Avg Speed is 10. If it said Avg Speed is 1000 then that time would make more sense ;)

Can someone look at the history detail and correct it please. Thanks!

Longest Drives By Distance

Top 20 single longest drives.

UsernameModelMilesTimeEfficiencyWh/MilekWh UsedAvg SpeedElev ChangeTempDate
TeslaFi UserX100D259.745 Hrs 53 Mins93.4>#/td###33587.0745-1706 ft94.5 F08-06-2017
TeslaFi UserX100D254.4750 Hrs 4 Mins122.7>#/td###25564.81018 ft53 F11-02-2017
TeslaFi UserX100D235.6093 Hrs 10 Mins99>#/td###31373.7675-2481 ft97.8 F08-20-2017

This has been added. Thanks.