service log cost and maintenance cost summary

mpk 3 years ago updated by James 1 year ago 3

Hi, Can you please add a cost field to service log so that each item can be costed and this information can be used to graph / summarise running-costs.  


We've added a cost field and we'll include the cost in areas throughout the site soon.

Good idea, something I used often with other ICE mileage apps to track total operating cost of my cars, not just for the gasoline alone. I'd love to see this incorporated into a quick cost or expenses menu, where we could see a breakdown of costs, such as one line for home charging, one for supercharging, one for service/maintenance, and then the total. It should show these stats both yearly and for the lifetime of the car, with total costs and cost per mile in each. So for example:

Expense                 Last Year (7100 mi.)    Lifetime (18400 mi.)

Home Charging      $305                           $780

Supercharging        $110                           $240

Service                   $1400                         $1400

Total Expenses       $1815                         $2420

Charging per mile   $0.058                        $0.055

Total per mile          $0.255                        $0.132

this is a great idea. Not sure why this has been implemented yet…