What kWh rate at home is used for calculating total cost of a charging session?

KennyRWilson 6 years ago updated by StefanSarzio 3 years ago 8

What kWh rate is used, when charging at home, for calculating the total cost of a charging session; e.g. $0.07/kWh?  Can this rate be changed?



You can set the "Home kWh Cost" in the settings (https://teslafi.com/settings.php).

I have cost 0,982 set for home, added 262.21 kWh and used 278.94 kWh. How can the cost be 280.61?

I have economy 7 meter with 2 rates for day time and night time, would like to set those up to see automatically what is the actual cost.

What if I have two homes?  the cost/kWh is about 2x different.  I have the home cost set, and then I created a place for our second home, and added the cost/kWh into those details.  But when calculating the cost, it always defaults to the one in settings.

So I know who to set my true rate cost, currently at 0.1432 based on my Jan 2019 bill, but like most home rates these change from time to time.

If I go back in and change to my most recent rate does this effect only drives going forward or past drive as well? 

Please confirm. Thanks!


You can set the "Home kWh Cost" in the settings (https://teslafi.com/settings.php).

@StefanSarzio, this no longer looks to be answered.  I am unable to find the setting in the new interface.  Please help.

Go to Settings -> Home Charging