What kWh rate at home is used for calculating total cost of a charging session?

KennyRWilson 2 years ago updated by akswings 6 months ago 5

What kWh rate is used, when charging at home, for calculating the total cost of a charging session; e.g. $0.07/kWh?  Can this rate be changed?



You can set the "Home kWh Cost" in the settings (https://teslafi.com/settings.php).


Really like this service!

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You can set the "Home kWh Cost" in the settings (https://teslafi.com/settings.php).

So I know who to set my true rate cost, currently at 0.1432 based on my Jan 2019 bill, but like most home rates these change from time to time.

If I go back in and change to my most recent rate does this effect only drives going forward or past drive as well? 

Please confirm. Thanks!

What if I have two homes?  the cost/kWh is about 2x different.  I have the home cost set, and then I created a place for our second home, and added the cost/kWh into those details.  But when calculating the cost, it always defaults to the one in settings.

I have economy 7 meter with 2 rates for day time and night time, would like to set those up to see automatically what is the actual cost.