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Any plans to add the ability to set charging amps now the the endpoint has been added in recent software and app packages?


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This is available in the TeslaFi API and Live Controls.


Changing amps is now available in the Teslafi API.


We'll get this added once it rolls out to more vehicles.  We don't have it on any of our vehicles to test with yet.

no problem, I have it working with my M3 LR, examples of POST below, it only takes whole numbers and if it doesn't like the input value it will still return "true" but it will reduce the amps to 5 for AUS Model 3's.

I'm sure you are already aware but if you send a GET and ask for "charge_state", it will return "charge_current_request_max" which is maximum value you can set "charge_amps" too, the minimum via the Tesla IOS app is 5 but the API will actually let you send values all the way down to 0 if you wish.