"Real charges" vs "Trickle charges (many)"

ThomasHej2 3 years ago updated by berticus 2 years ago 1

I have a fairly new Model Y, and looking at the charges I see:

Image 3250

The second location "MarienLyst" (A conference center/hotel), actually only has a single charge and not 21.  This can be seen by looking at the detailed page:

Image 3251

As you can see, the bottom (oldest) charge is a "real charge", 51% to 80%, but it is then followed by 20 "trickle charge" 80% to 80%, totally skewing up the statistics.

I would like a feature that can ignore the "trickle charges" and only count/report the "real charges".   That is, a purely filtering feature on the charge reporting.

Notice, this happens far more rarely when sentry mode is off, which it is at my home location which is why there are no "trickle charges" there.  I assume it still happens but just very rarely.  

Another way was to control the trickle charge, a feature where:

Stop charging until the percentage falls x% below the target percentage.  That is, if the charge limit is 80% and teslafi sees that the charging has completed, it will turn charging completely off, but monitor the percentage.  If the percentage falls more then 10% under target (down to 70% in this case), it will turn on charging again until the level is once again 80%.  You can of course also disable the restart and just accept that it was at 80% at some point before you returned.

Hope this makes sense?


I've had this issue charging overnight at hotels. At home it's not an issue because sentry is turned off so there's no drain to trigger more trickle charging. I also don't like how it artificially inflates the charge count at some locations.

The charge entries can't be merged because they're too far apart in time, and I don't want to delete them outright either. It would be nice if they could just be ignored or not counted. There should be a configurable setting where charges for less than X minutes or Y% of charge are not counted.