Safety score

djole 3 years ago updated by N1 3 years ago 4

Could you add the data what percentage of reported safety scores are 100,  and what percentage are 99

The constant improvements to Safety Score stats have been excellent. Please consider adding daily safety score mileage as reported by Tesla. That could be different from overall TeslaFi mileage if the vehicle was driven in service mode or if a reset was done because of a vehicle malfunction.


Now that Tesla is rolling out FSD Beta (2021.32.25) to the cars with 100% it would be good to know which cars from the Safety Score List have been upgraded to FSD Beta (2021.32.25).  Probably multiple ways for you to figure out which cars from the Safety Score List have FSD Beta but I feel it would be really good to know.  If you already have it please let us know how to find it.

I agree about percentage (or number) of cars at what level.  ALSO, I would like to see the FIRMWARE for each car like 2021.32.22.  The reason for the FIRMWARE is to know which cars on the list get the version that supports FSD Beta unless of course it is the same version.  Since the current FSD Beta cars are on a separate FIRMWARE then I would expect we will get new FIRMWARE.  That way we might be able to tell which method they are using.  I.E.  If they give it a car with 98 before a car with 99 there might be another reason.  If you have a better way to identify please add on Saturday/Sunday.  This is cool idea that you came up with  Nice addition to TeslaFi.

I came here to make the same suggestion. The addition of the safety score leaderboard was a great move and overall (anonymous) stats would be very meaningful and appreciated.