Change charge current using TeslaFi API calls

Siggy101 3 years ago updated by BiancaNZ 3 years ago 6

I saw recently that the iOS app now has the ability to change the charge current (Amps) remotely. This is HUGE news for those of us with solar panels as we will be able to not only start and stop charging but also increase and decrease the current as the solar array output varies through the day.

I know that this feature relies on a future version of the car software that is not yet released. It is also not in the Android app yet.

As and when it is all released, I would hope that it will become visible in the Tesla API.

Can you please put it on your roadmap (if not done already) to include it in the available TeslaFi API calls.

Many thanks!!

This would be useful to have in TeslaFi Schedules & Reminders because I noticed sometimes the car increases or decreases the Amperage on its own. I haven't found a reason or pattern to it. I'd love to set the Amps before I start charging. Of course for solar and other reasons it could be ideal too.

One could also have a thing where you could say please charge car between time X and time Y and calculate with how many Amps it needs to charge during that time....


Thanks for that.

It would also be great to set a schedule to set charge rate too. That way, if its been set at a non standard value, it can auto revert back. I am sure many will be using this feature in the app to set lower charge rates for using power from solar PV production - its going to be all too easy to forget to put it back for overnight charging.

Another great feature would be to set a charging limit based upon an offset from current charge limit. All my overnight charging is done by setting a limit (in my case 11%) higher than the current state of charge. Needs a bit of maths and hoping that battery SoC doesn't fluctuate between when set and when charge starts. It would be great to put max and min limits on the calculated limits, so you either don't over charge or to make sure you have a minimum charge.

Thank you James.  This new API call is working perfectly!  Amazing work, making TeslaFi even more useful.

+1 for this feature request. It would be great to change current based on Solar output.