Consumption Reporting - KWh only option (remove range, etc) and remove "loss"

Demos 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

Could we get an option to remove range fields and the word "loss" from "KWH" headings (it's self evident, not required, and a bit negative).

For many like me the only figure that really matters is KWh and perhaps percent. Can we get an option to just focus on KWh with maybe Range reserved to a single "Range remaining" estimate.

It just seems harder than it should be to find and focus on the one figure that ultimately matters which is KWh, just as "Litres"matters for fuel. The other stuff is complimentary.

I mean, remove Range start / finish / loss etc, but still report distance and KWh / KM

And please also allow an option to remove Americanisms like "Gas"and just replace with "Fuel".