maintenance logging

Darmie 3 years ago updated by bobafetts3 9 months ago 3

Good day. I enjoy the fact that I never have to use the trip reset with any travels in our Model S. At a glance the data and information is always there on a daily trip and the option to view any date on the calendar view. One thing I feel is missing is the option to log a maintenance event and having this to be tracked. I'm referring to a tire rotation or even the purchase of new tires. Not much is really a concern but if there was a way to mark the mileage of these maintenance events, then you would see in a calendar view what was performed in the past. You could also get fancy and create notifications when maintenance is due as in a tire rotation, ect ect. I use an App called aCar that has kept up with my other vehicles and motorcycles and works well with reminders and a way to browse the history. What would be grand is to have a one stop shop to view all data with teslifi to include any service and maintenance conducted with the vehicle. Thoughts? 

I'm surprised there hasn't been any traction on this topic.

Would be nice to be able to get a notification when to rotate the tires etc. 

Hopefully I'm just missing it.

I feel like something like this would work well in the new schedules & reminders beta, where for example the command is maintenance reminder and the setting is the odometer reading where you want to be notified.

I used one of my trip odometers and named it NEW TIRES.   I can look at my tire mileage by going to the odometer section.