There is a temporary issue contacting the Tesla servers - Error 6

Ivanhoe 3 years ago updated by James 3 years ago 6

Every time I want to get a token I just get this

Image 3126

I already did reset my tesla account password, but the error persists. Is this a bug with Teslafi or are Teslas server really not responding?


Token generation in Settings->Tesla Account has been changed to handle the recapatcha process.  We're still completing the signup process but it should be live by tomorrow.

Under review

Unfortunately Tesla changed their authentication process to include a recaptcha instead of captcha which broke our process.  Until we can figure out a way to incorporate the recaptcha the apps are the only way to obtain a token.  We are actively working on this. 

Can you also make the error message more clear or remove the option to get tokens when it is not working? I lost a lot of time retrying every day because the message says "temporary issue"...

Is there a way to get the tokens without an app?


Resolved, working now: I opened teslafi.com directly on my phone, logged in, clicked "provide my own token. Then opened the Tesla Tokens app, copied the SSO token - done. 

I don't have the token app and I don't want to manually renew the tokens. So teslafi is not able to get tokens anymore?