Does TeslaFi have access to real time (or recent) costs per kWh for each supercharger station?

leesonis 3 years ago updated by TESLEV1 2 years ago 1

When planning a road trip and there are 5 superchargers I could choose to use en route, I'd rather charge at the $0.23/kWh stations than the $0.35/kWh stations, but for the life of me I can't find any sort of pricing to know in advance how much each station is charging per kWh.  Do you have access to that sort of data?  Would you be able to show "average kWh cost" for each supercharger station, or some sort of data that would let me see how much I could expect to pay if I were to charge at station A instead of station B or C?

Thank you.

I have the same question. Every gas station I know of posts the cost per gallon of gas. EV charging stations do not making it difficult to determine which location offers the best price/kWh.