Speed Efficiency Speed up to 265 k/mh

mathiasuhl@gmx de 3 years ago updated by Phil1501 2 years ago 3

Here in Germany our "normal" speed on the autobahn is 160-180 and often I go up to 265 therefore can you extend the page "Speed Efficiency" to the Tesla Max speeds ?

As the autopilot for non-radar cars goes up to 80mph I think the chart should get extended a bit. About 50% of my miles are not counted as I have 1 mile to the highway, then 22 miles at 80mph then another 1 mile to the office every day.

Speed limits in some states are 85mph so that should be on the graph as a minimum to satisfy at least 95% of drivers.

And then there are the Germans with their speeding ;-) 

I'm a German by the way and I love to drive fast so no offence :-)

May I endorse this suggestion please?  
Having just returned from a trip to Germany I'd like to see the speed efficiency at 100+ mph.  As the original poster has said, German autobahn speeds are often 100-110 mph, and although I've personally not gone over 127 mph there are plenty who do.  Indeed the current TeslaFi chart runs out before the Tesla autopilot limit (93 mph).

Ideally this graph would expand to whatever the user's data allows.

The user interface is also not clear with what happens to journeys where the speed is over 85 mph.  Do these get averaged into the 80-85 bracket or discarded?

I think 110km/h would be great as that's the speed limit here in AUS.
But really nothing stopping the threshold to be extended to whatever speed the car logs, right?