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Charge Efficiency over 100%

BEEZR 6 years ago updated by stevehoyt 6 years ago 4

Is it possible for charge efficiency to be greater than 100%? Yes, my car was plugged in for just a few minutes but shows in TeslaFi with Charge Efficiency of 147.9%. Is that a bug? Thanks.

mine just did a charge from 4:28 to 5:22

 KW Used = 5.2 KW added =5.46


Not a bug
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There's just not enough data to get an accurate kWh used in a two minute charge with two data points.  kWh is not provided via the API and is a calculation based on the data points.  I can really only keep it the way it is, change the efficiency to show 100% in these cases or not show efficiency at all in these cases.

Short term or missing data can have such an effect.

I know one without both:

14.11.2017 12:29, 22 Minutes, Used - 4.9 kWh, Added - 5.37 kWh, 110.3 %, CHAdeMO 14 kW (!)

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