Are all 'longest drives' done without stopping ? is there a trick ?

Carpetpaul 3 years ago updated by Dirk57 3 years ago 1

Curious as to why 'longest drives on one charge' isn't a thing.... but I posted the question to Teslafi ages ago and there was no reply, it seems that the longest drives logged by Teslafi are all the single longest drives without any stop, if you get out of the seat, then (Model 3) resets, and I presume that Teslafi uses that as the counter.. which is slightly unfair, it should really be counting since recharged. however, people still have 300 to even 400 miles, there must be some trick to be able to leave the car and keep the counter going.... but if I lift my weight off the seat, the counter is reset (and presumably Teslafi goes by this). Perhaps this is more a competition to see who can go without a WC for 6 or 7 hours ?


why not add a list of longest distance driven on a single day