Improve display and calculation of Sentry Mode drain

sygyzy 3 years ago 0

I rely heavily on TeslaFi to figure out best strategies for trips (when and where to park, for how long, sentry mode on or off, etc). One of my favorite parts of the site is the summary on the right (or bottom on mobile) for each day's view. This has a good breakdown of miles and battery losses due to idling/parking, cooling fans, vampire drain, and sentry. However, Sentry Mode loss is not really calculated or displayed in a meaningful way. There are three loss tables - Sleep, Idle, and Phantom. Sentry is listed Idle in terms of number of hours Sentry is On, but is not included in the total energy/miles loss at the bottom of the Idle table. The only way to figure out Sentry Mode loss is by looking at the full-day view and adding up the numbers and doing some math. 

I would love to know the total miles, total mi/hour, and kW loss due to Sentry Mode.