Publish battery degradation vs. charging habits (e.g. always charging to 100%) statistics for the fleet

guotie 3 years ago 0

I am sure this question has been on everybody's mind: does charging to 100% degrade battery faster? Some say they do that all the time with minimal negative effects. TeslaFi should have enough data to publish a report on this...

A report could plot % of times charged above certain threshold (say >98%) vs battery degradation rate, in a certain mileage range (say 5000-6000 miles).

So you could see if, cars with 5k-6k miles, if they always charge to 100% every single time, vs. if they only charge to 100% half of the time vs. if they never charge to 100% of battery. How would that affect their battery health?

Or plot battery health of those who regularly charge to 80% of battery vs those who charge to 70%, 60% in the long term (only applies to cars who charge to the same level every single day)