Drive details report email is wrong

StarShipTrooperJr 3 years ago updated by James 3 years ago 3

My drive reports are frequently wrong and have been for the last several months.  The map indicating the path of the trip often is a straight line and rated miles used is wrong.  Any idea What is going on?  

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This is caused by your sleep settings:

1.  In TeslaFi sleep mode your time to try sleeping is set to 5 minutes.  The normal time it takes the vehicle to sleep is 12 minutes so the recommended time is 15 minutes to try to sleep.  Most if not all of the TeslaFi sleep mode sleep attempts will fail causing missed data.

2.  In TeslaFi sleep mode your idle time before trying to sleep is 5 minutes so every 5 minutes teslafi tries to let the vehicle sleep causing missed data.

3.  Your polling time while idle in advanced sleep settings is set to 25 which means TeslaFi only polls the vehicle for data once every 25 minutes causing missed data.  This is most likely causing the biggest issue.

I would recommend selecting reset sleep settings in the advanced section to revert all of these to the default settings.