unknown symbol

24hoursofsun 3 years ago updated by Wunderlag 3 years ago 4

recognized a new symbol (On for xxx% of drive) in my drive details and cannot find the explanation of this here, what it means.

can anyone help?



Image 2806


It indicates that the battery heater was on for a portion of the drive.

You can click on the map of the drive to see the raw data table where you can click on edit layout to add the battery heater field which shows the data coming from the Tesla API.

I just added a tooltip for the icon as well to explain what it is.

So Battery Heater would be the SC preconditioning? or can that happen on a normal drive too?

Ahh - good hint. This is true for some of my recent symbol shop up.

But not this one.

This one was today and I did not charge at a SC, nor did I navigate to a SC.

Any other idea or could this be a bug?

were you navigating to a supercharger? my guess would be that battery preconditioning was on for 3% of drive?