Not a bug

Charging Summary Wrong - Mismatch to Calendar View

cruzier 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 1

My Charge Total in the table "Charge Count At Location" for home charging is not correct. It shows 12 home charges and 259.62 kWh at 89.38 % on the calendar view I get Total kWh Used / Added  381.61 kWh / 321.76 kWh. This is also what I get when I add up the numbers myself after clicking on the "12" link. Did something go wrong on my account?

Not a bug

No, nothing is wrong.  That calculation will not include charges that had connectivity problems.  So any of the charges marked with * Charge contains missing data due to internet loss while charging. Marked data may be inaccurate. * will not be displayed since they throw off the efficiency statistics greatly.

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