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yamanote 6 years ago updated by ELDIAC 6 years ago 4

Hi- previously owned a Model X and did not renew my Teslafi subscription as I sold that vehicle. Recently purchased new Model S and purchased subscription and renewed token, but Teslafi still shows my old X (with no information being received). Settings shows the right vehicle being selected based on option code, it just isn’t reflecting on the tracking page. 


I have a similar problem. I sold my old Model S and want to see my new one, but it does not appear in my Teslafi. I renewed the token, now effect. Any solution? The old one is now on an other Tesla account.

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James - please can you delete my old data up to today, as I got a new vehicle yesterday and it has merged the 'trips' data with my old car, and I want to start with a clean database from today.  Thank you.


Thanks.   I had to manually make an adjustment to your database since you were on an old layout.

Issue seems to have auto resolved itself and now shows correct vehicle. Thanks!

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