Create a VENT API function

Anubis 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

Can we get a VENT API function please.

I am now monitoring my car with OpenHAB and using TeslaFi's API start/stop charging, start/stop HVAC, etc depending on my solar generation and/or temperatures.

It would be great to vent the windows in some cases instead of turning HVAC on/off.

There is a button for VENTing in the Tesla app under the CONTROLS functions.


Any consideration for this feature/API being implemented?

We had a 40 degree centigrade day last week and it would been nice to vent the car.

Oh,why didn't you put the VENT API function in when you were doing the charging amps API update?


With the Aussie summer just about upon us... this option will would be very very useful.

My car sits in the sun most of the day and the inside temperature hits 40+ Celsius very early in the day.

I am manually venting the windows via the Tesla app, so it would be great to have an API function so I can automate it.

Please consider implementing it.