Does Polling Delay work as intended?

hiroshiy 3 years ago 0

Hi, James,

From December 6th (Sunday) until now, my car repeats 1-3 minutes of sleep and wake-ups. My settings are 20 minutes to wait for the sleep and status polling allowed during the sleep. Polling Delay is set to 4 minutes.

For example, this is from this morning's raw data:

04/01/2021 6:39:44 AMonline79248.89853264.69Disconnected00013632Scheduled Sleep Mode Active
04/01/2021 6:39:15 AMonline79248.89853264.69Disconnected00562613632Sleeping->Idling
04/01/2021 6:38:11 AMasleep000056260Polling Delay 5
04/01/2021 6:37:15 AMasleep000056260Polling Delay 4
04/01/2021 6:36:14 AMasleep000056260Polling Delay 3
04/01/2021 6:35:15 AMasleep000056260Polling Delay 2
04/01/2021 6:34:13 AMasleep000056260Polling Delay 1
04/01/2021 6:32:43 AMasleep0000562613631Idling->Sleeping

So the car went to sleep successfully, and TeslaFi reports Polling Delay N after that for 4-5 minutes. Is it working as designed? I thought Polling Delay is applied once the car wakes up from sleep. In the current log, at 6:39 am, polling resumed because data is coming from the API.

Before 12/6, my car was sleeping without a polling delay set. Now, something has changed, and it never sleeps for hours. The last firmware updates were 2020.48.10 on 12/10 and 2020.48.12.1 on 12/26. After that, my car didn't receive any firmware updates (MCU1, AP2.0, RHD, Japan). I had the Tegra board replaced due to MCU1 blackout in March.