Add Analysis of Long Journeys to Drives Report Page

BattMobile 7 years ago 0

I would like to know about the days on which, cumulatively, I exceed the range of my battery. This would help me when buying my next car to decide how often I would actually need to Supercharge if my new car had X miles of range.

I think this would need to treat a day as being between early morning e.g. 3-4AM to allow time for me to return home "late" or "leave early".

For each journey (or aggregated averages) I'd like to know the number of miles travelled that "day", and the energy used (regardless of whether I charge at Supercharger or somewhere else)

Perhaps allow a "limit" to be set for inclusion in the list - I might want to consider a lower range than I currently have - and then show number of journeys in each month that exceeded that (with Min/Max/Avg Miles and Energy used), perhaps with drill-down to see the individual journeys

Maybe also a "fleet" report? e.g. to answer the question about whether people who "only do 50 miles a day" actually need a 200 mile range vehicle because they do a longer trip often enough.