Graphs - Avg Range Driven km or miles/Charge -&- Avg Kwh/km or mile

gino verhulst 4 years ago 0

Hello TeslaFi Team, James,

Would you please consider investigating and adding the following stats/graphs/trendlines to the site.

In my opinion they would add valuable information and comparison analysis since all of the data is availabe in the current charging history.

Currently these stats are missing and it would be a great addition to the already avalilable data on the site since currently there are no overall graphs or stats available on efficiency or driving stats ( comparable to mileage per gallon for an ICE car ) 

It will provide a very nice comparison to fleet concumption as well & display the changes in efficiency during summer and winter.

You can even base the stats on driving efficiency per charge session to have an easy starting point for calculations.

This is a percentage already available.

See an example of my data downloaded from the site below.

Thanks for considering this 

Kind Regards,


Image 2502