One-time schedule Charge and Climate to heat battery and cabin (e.g. in Winter)

BattMobile 6 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 4

I'd like to be able to schedule a one-time "going out" event.  Particularly in Winter, when battery is cold and uses a lot of range to heat battery (and cabin), plus no regen at start of journey.

So basically I want to heat the battery, say, 1 hour before I leave. battery may already be at 90%, so in this case override that limit and charge for that time / up to 100%.

Then turn on Climate, say, 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

If Range Mode is ON (dunno if that can be detected?) then alert me (when I set it is good, again when the schedule starts if possible) because battery heater "cuttoff" temperature is set to a much lower temperature with Range Mode = ON and I would not get the benefit of pre-heating using Shore-Power.

Can I safely assume that Tasks will be done in "ID Order" (even if they fail and are retried a minute later)?

For example, if I change Set Charge Limit to 100% and Start Charging, then if the car is already fully charged to 90% (say) if the Start Charge happens first it may not start, and the subsequent 100% Limit change would be to no avail!


It does run in ID order.  But if the first ID attempt fails the second at the same time could run and then the next minute the first ID would try again.

I would set the set charge limit change 5+ minutes ahead of the start charging just to make sure everything goes as planned.

Here's my "manual" attempt at a one-time charge-and-climate-for-departure. Quite a lot of steps, and have to change the time on all of them (correctly! so error-prone) each time, compared to having "offset times" for each sub-task.

Having tried this:

The items that were completed (Set charge limit, Start charging, Start HVAC) were deleted (marked as "Run Once") after being actioned. I had started my journey before "Stop HVAC" and "Set charge limit to 90%" were performed, so they were not deleted and would have sat there waiting for the next Saturday (I manually deleted them)

The fact that the Run-Once items were deleted means that I would have to create them again, from scratch, next time. So (currently) what I would need to do is to set the DAY, and NOT set the Run Once, and then remember to UNCHECK "Active", at some time before "Next week"!, in order that they are not deleted and do not run again ... I can then set the Day, and time as-appropriate, next time I want to do this one-off charge-before-leave task-set. Still do-able for a Nerd like me!, but cumbersome.

I don't know what other folk would like, but it would suit me better if Run Once could change the task to INActive, rather than delete it?