Conditioning schedule command

TeslafiBrian 3 years ago updated by Beerman Telsa 3 years ago 1

I would like to schedule the start of "conditioning" but can't find the command on the drop down list in the "schedules" page. Can I not do this using the schedule?



On the drop down, there are options to "Start HVAC" and "Stop HVAC". These commands start and stop the air conditioning in the car. 

If you are looking to "pre-condition" your car; IE - get the battery warmed up and ready to go, the HVAC conditioning will do some of that. If you run it long enough (15-20mins), it might fully pre-condition your battery. 

Another option is to set charge limits and charging start times. See the attached image. My daily routine does a bit of both. I start HVAC about 5 mins before I leave for work. I also change the charge limit and start charging about 30 mins before I leave. 

While I don't need the extra 4-5% of charge before I leave, it does fully pre-condition my battery so my regenerative braking and overall efficiency is optimal from the moment I get going. 

Hope that helps!

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