Corrupted drive?

Mirlen 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 2

My drive today (4/14/2017) at 4:33 PM-5:06 PM seems to be messed up. I had my car in for its first state inspection and they drove it around the building into the shop area. Then I drove home. I see AAA as begining, ending at AAA and then I see Home as the third column (?!)

Note, I think I had it in Valet mode when they had it if that makes any difference or provides any info for you...

Image 28


I added a error message to be displayed if this happens in the future.

Under review


You most likely have the AAA tagged twice and it's finding the location two times. If you take a look at the tagged locations page you'll probably see that tag twice and you can delete one. https://www.teslafi.com/locations.php.

Please let me know.



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